Monday, May 18, 2015


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My Dubai Diary, better late than never !
This is from my week there at end of March.
Lots to do and lots to see...

Is all about collectible and limited edition 
pieces of furniture and objects.
It's a mix of international established artists 
and galleries as well up-coming design from around the world.

just beautiful!


My favorites - works by artist 


when your in dubai you should grab a bite 
at  the ever popular Tom & Serge 

Maison Mathis   

and Alto Mar 
It's a no frills  
Portuguese restaurant with
 really good sea food !

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Design in Delhi : INDIA DESIGN 2015

Late post from February ...  
Delhi played host to the annual Indian Design Week put together by Ogaan (publishers of Elle Decor and Elle). Brilliantly organized, this was a platform for creators of design and consumers of design 
to come together under one roof. Also a great platform to spot young and upcoming Indian talent. 

Part of the event is The Symposium which had a host of amazing speakers from around the world. From the legendary Fumihiko Maki to Pola Navona, Sunita Narain to Patricia Urquiola and Sunil Sethi to name a few.
There were 4 main areas to explore - DESIGN  - TRENDS - DECORATION and the SYMPOSIUM areas, with lots of spots to rest your feet,get a snack a drink or just have a good chat.

Here is a selection of products/brands that caught my eye....

A lighting company.Co founded by Gautam Seth and Prateek Jain this boutique studio specializes in custom lighting solutions.They have an amazing gallery space in DelhiGreen where their products and creations are beautifully displayed. 

KREA :Furniture. 
They began with producing furniture and doing interior fit
 out's for large commercial and hospitality projects.
They now have a store and do a lot of collaborative work with designers. I did see copies in the mix and did'nt get a chance to check out their pricing, but at least we have more options to chose from now.    

A fun young aesthetic,with serious mid century modern inspiration.
They have the sort of pieces that are contemporary and timeless the type you wont get tired of.The pieces are easy to mix and match.
Here are some more looks that I liked,(via their website)

An installation in the TRENDS pavilion for outdoors!
If you missed it this year, make sure you go in 2016. 
I recommend it as a good place to take in what's going on in the country design wise, hang out with friends from the fraternity and listen in on the talks and debates by some of the best creative professionals and design legends from around the world.